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Sports Facilities

Providing top-notch vacuums and rakes designed to revolutionize property maintenance sports facilities. Discover how our high-quality equipment can elevate your property management to a whole new level of excellence.


Reasons To Keep Your Grounds Clean

Ensuring cleanliness in sports facilities like golf courses and tennis courts offers various advantages, including player safety, an enhanced sporting experience, environmental responsibility, community pride, and economic benefits. It also aligns with sustainability initiatives and contributes to a positive image and reputation for the facility.

Hygiene and Cleanliness
Positive Image
Enhanced Sporting Experience
Visitor Experience
Employee Well-Being
Reduction in Pests
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Tennis ball
golf ball

Our Vacuums Are Versatile

Uses Are Endless!

Everyday Trash & Beach Cleanup
Golf & Tennis Balls
And Much More!

If you can rake it, you can vacuum it!

Benefits of Using Our Vacuums

Save Money, Time & Labour
Greystone USA's industrial vacuums efficiently and swiftly remove debris, leaves, and litter from your sports facility, ensuring a clean and attractive appearance.
Our vacuums are adaptable to various surfaces, making them suitable for maintaining golf courses, tennis courts, and pathways.
Pickup golf balls and tennis balls in a fraction of the time with ease!
Built with rugged components, our vacuums are designed to withstand the demanding environment of sports facilities, ensuring long-term reliability.
Pasture Vaccume
Yard Vac 200 - Push Around Model (no tow vehicle needed)
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Greystone Pasture Vac 400
New Pasture Vac 400 Model- Now With a Removable Door For Easier Empting!
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Greystone USA Vacuums Pasture 800
New Pasture Vac 800 Model- Now With a Removable Door For Easier Empting!
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Get On With Life

Elevate the maintenance and appearance of your sports facility with Greystone USA's industrial vacuums and arena rakes. Contact us today to discover how our equipment can transform your golf course or tennis court into a pristine and inviting haven for players and visitors alike. Together, we'll create a sports facility experience like no other.