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Alpaca Farms

At Greystone USA, we understand the unique challenges that alpaca farmers face in maintaining their farms efficiently and ensuring the well-being of their beloved animals. Our range of vacuums has been carefully designed and engineered to addrial ress the specific needs of alpaca farmers. Discover how our products can be indispensable tools for your alpaca farm.


The Importance of Collecting Animal Waste

Picking up alpaca poop, or any animal waste for that matter, is important for several reasons, especially if you have alpacas on your property or in your care. Here are some of the key reasons for picking up alpaca poop:

Hygiene and Cleanliness
Odor Control
Pasture Health
Aesthetic Appeal
Reducing Fly Breeding
Regulatory Compliance
Animal Welfare

Our Vacuums Are Versatile

Uses Are Endless!

Everyday Trash & Beach Cleanup
Golf & Tennis Balls
And Much More!

If you can rake it, you can vacuum it!

Benefits of Using Our Vacuums

Save Money, Time & Labour
Save valuable time, resourcess and reduce physical strain with quick and efficient cleaning.
Efficent Waste Management
Our industrial vacuums make it easy to clean up manure and bedding materials, promoting cleanliness and hygiene.
Healthier Enviornments for Your Alpacas
Our vacuums are equipped with powerful suction capabilities, effectively removing dust, dirt, and debris from barns, pens, and feeding areas. This ensures a healthier environment for your alpacas, reducing the risk of respiratory ailments.
Pasture Vaccume
Yard Vac 200
Push Around Model
(no tow vehicle needed)
Greystone Pasture Vac 400
New Pasture Vac 400 Model
Now With a Removable Door For Easier Empting!
Greystone USA Vacuums Pasture 800
New Pasture Vac 800 Model
Now With a Removable Door For Easier Empting!
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Get On With Life

At Greystone USA, we take pride in offering high-quality vacuums tailored to alpaca farmers' needs. Our products are built to withstand the demands of farm life while improving efficiency and promoting the well-being of your alpacas. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to be your partner in alpaca farm management.

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Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Our most sincere thanks to you both for looking after us today. It is so reassuring to have some good old-fashioned service and we greatly appreciate it. Your work ethics are exemplary, and we will certainly continue to recommend our alpaca colleagues to deal with you.

Rosemary and Liz
We Continue to Recommend You to Our Alpaca Colleagues!

What a brilliant little machine! Just wanted to say your Paddock Vac is one of the best things I’ve bought for our place! I’ve cleaned up alpaca and sheep poo, chook roosts and bird aviaries. A huge labour saver, much less dust, and far more thorough than me with a bucket. And so easy to move, tow, start, and empty. Thank you so much!

Cathy Macclesfield
What a Brilliant Machine!